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Our Role in Changing the World
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Our Role in Changing the World
by the African People's Solidarity Committee
White people organized under the leadership of the African Peoplea��s Socialist Party
and Chairman Omali Yeshitela who leads the Uhuru Movement

For the benefit of all living beings and future generations, we work for world peace, unity of all peoples, sustainable universal prosperity and the end of all oppression.

We understand that war, suffering, oppression and division in the world today are the result of US imperialism and the parasitic capitalist system.

Capitalism was born through the enslavement of African people, the genocide of the Indigenous people and the theft of the labor and resources of the majority of humanity.

This parasitic system created a pedestal of opportunity and prosperity for white people, pitting white workers against the rest of the world, keeping us loyal to our own oppressors and leading us to seek advancement for ourselves as white people at the expense of others.

To play our role in the genuine transformation of the world we stand in solidarity with the movement of African people working to overturn this oppressive social system and liberate and reunite Africa. This solidarity, we believe, aligns us with all oppressed peoples around the world struggling for liberation and justice.

We understand and demand the following:

    1. We choose to cast our fate with oppressed peoples struggling for national liberation and justice rather than standing with the dying system of parasitic capitalist white power. We believe national liberation for oppressed peoples and the end of imperialism is essential to the creation of a world based on peace and justice.
    2. We understand that the root of our exploitation, the destruction of the environment of this planet and our oppression based on class, gender, sexual orientation or physical abilities is the same parasitic system that is responsible for imperialist war, colonial plunder and genocide against oppressed people around the world and inside the U.S. We believe that our liberation can only be found in ending all unity with our oppressive ruling class and standing in solidarity with the liberation of African and oppressed peoples.
    3. We reject the complicity demanded of us by the parasitic politicians, bankers, bourgeois media, corporate barons, imperialist war mongers and oppressive rulers who expect us to seek our well-being by supporting their policies of war, enslavement, suffering and exploitation of others.
    4. We demand basic human rights for all people to national independence, human dignity, self-reliance and self-determination; to housing, health care, food, clothing, employment, free speech and environmental justice, regardless of gender, class, physical ability, religion or sexual orientation. We reject all efforts to gain our rights at the expense of anyone else.
    5. We unite with the struggles of the toiling masses of oppressed people to have control over their lives, destinies and resources, free from domination by a parasitic system built on slavery and oppression, greed and profit. This is the only basis for true democracy and sustainable prosperity for all through judicious use of natural resources.
    6. We recognize that the racial divide in this country is the result of the enslavement of African people, and genocide and theft of the land of the Indigenous people that provided land, jobs and opportunity for white people.
    7. We recognize that this divide continues as millions of Indigenous people are forced on impoverished reservations on their own land, kept out through border walls and attacked by U.S. citizens and immigration police. This oppression and genocide of the Indigenous people of the Americas is similar to the oppression faced by the Palestinian people on their own land at the hand of the U.S.-backed Israeli oppressors.
    8. We believe that this stolen land rightfully belongs to the Indigenous people.
    9. We stand against the fact that millions of African people remain unjustly locked up in U.S. prisons and experience impoverished communities subjected to martial law, police violence and publically endorsed policies of police containment.
    10. We believe the divisions in this country today can only be bridged by acknowledging that these crimes against humanity were carried out with the active complicity of the white population through popular lynchings, massacres and support for current laws taking away the democratic rights of African and Indigenous peoples.
    11. We stand in solidarity with the fact that African people are their own liberators. We believe that African people around the world have a right to liberate and reunite Africa and all its resources, and to benefit from the value achieved by their stolen labor in Africa, the U.S. and elsewhere.
    12. We believe that all struggling peoples and nations, including those living under colonial and neocolonial domination, have a right to self-determination and control of their land and resources.
    13. We unite with the demand raised by African people that reparations are paid to them for their stolen labor and resources that built the wealth of imperialism.
    14. We believe that the destruction of imperialism and the liberation of the oppressed will usher in a new era of true democracy, the prospering of all humanity for the benefit of the greater good of the planet, the building of a non-exploitive economic system, the harnessing of technology for the people not profit and creative solutions to the social, economic, environmental and medical problems left to us by centuries of parasitic capitalism.

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